Client: Movitel

Produced in 2017


Is someone happy.
Someone who is not afraid to share a smile.
Someone as diverse as the globe and unique in his joyful way of living.
Is someone with great empathy for his neighbours.
Is a true optimist.
Someone who is driven by the idea of a better tomorrow.
It is not about race nor religion.
A Mozambican of the World is simply a person who is addicted to our country and that calls it home.

Is someone inventive.
Talented enough to have a place in the sun.
And there is lots of sun here.
Is someone who truly knows and respects the different cultures and traditions that makes this place so special.
Someone who loves to dance.
And is able to find new rhythms and embrace them.
Someone who is not afraid to seek for new routes and is never satisfied with the average.
Someone who believes this world can be changed.


And we are not talking about size. For each briefing there are unlimited solutions and our job is to find the best that fits your needs. Every client has its particular challenges and we are committed to find the best way to create a great impact in the market.

The Big Idea is actually the one that fits perfectly.


MKT universally stands for Market and in Mozambique this concept is even broader. Market here includes the formal and informal environment. This brings an even greater challenge to the advertising industry. It is crucial to know the “Market” before you advertise your brand.

Because it is common to see successful worldwide brands loose their power due to adapted advertising campaigns that don't speak the consumers language and end up not reaching their communication goals.

This is where we bring an add up value to your communication strategies.

Being an extension of your marketing department and counting with more than 50 years of experience in the field, MKT is a new advertising company emerging from the holding Grupo LOCAL, of which GOLO is also a part of. Counting with great success case studies that include world class advertising, awarded by the most important advertising festivals in the world, such as Cannes, The New York One Show, Clios, Loeries, Lusos, Gramado and more.

MKT is engaged in bringing new fresh advertising that will not only be effective locally but can help make a true statement for your Brand anywhere it is presented.


We are passionate about brands and are not afraid to break new ground. We share a feeling of commitment that makes this team able to exchange experiences and even work posts. There is no limit to our obligations when it comes to a deadline.

Our main concern is to achieve the best possible result for our clients.



Av. 24 de Julho nº7
6th Floor D
Maputo, Mozambique

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